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Excited Children in Science Class

Your Favorite Science Teacher

"Pause for a moment of Science!"

Dallis the Science Diva

Do you see science in everything? Discovery happens to open minds.  Feed your curiosity and practice life-long approaches to learning that are fun and full of "aha" moments.

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Never Stop Learning

 Pause for a moment of classroom science.  Next Generation Science standards can be wrapped up in fun right in your classroom.  Dynamic lessons are available that apply the three dimensions of learning science  to how we explore the world around us.  

Your science lab is just  a click away.  Pause for a self-paced learning experience where scientist can be motivated to question, discover and reshape their ideas on how the world works around them.

Guest speaker, Dallis the Science Diva shares how her passion for teaching and learning science provides experiences that go beyond the classroom and touch lives.

Birthday party?  Community event?  Family gatherings?  Church gatherings? Just because?  There is always a reason to pause for a moment of science.

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