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Bring science to LIFE at your next event. The Science Lab is EVERYWHERE! Motivate your inner Scientist and explore nature phenomena through hands on learning and demonstrations.  

No Test. No Quizzes. No Homework. Just FUN!


Life Science

Cut It!

Explore the anatomy and physiology of specimens of your choice ranging from an earthworm to a frog.  DTSD will lead you in your own dissection as you use your scalpel, probe and scissors to identify the external and internal body parts of your specimen while connecting form to function.


Naked Eye

There is so much more to see with the help of a microscope.  First let's learn how to properly focus the microscope to view prepared slides.  Then, let's prepare our own slides for fun observations.  Samples to explore include cheek cells, fingerprints, and leaf sections.  


Down by the Bay

Meet DTSD at the bay.  Let's use a seining net to collect and study the species of wildlife that prefer brackish water.  Let's identify the adaptations that allow them to survive in their environment.  Bring sunscreen, water shoes and an open mind for discovery.


Let's Solve It!

It's Law and Science. Practice lab techniques that are used to validate evidence in a court of law.  Is the answer in the DNA (DNA extractions) or your fingerprint patterns.  What can footprints tell you? Maybe the clues lie in mixtures  (Chromatography).  Gather evidence, make observations and draw conclusions.


Bone Appetite

What did the owl eat?  Was it a mouse, mole or bird?  Let's carefully open the owl pellet, assemble the skeleton and identify the bones.  Unwrap the mystery of the meal.  You will be amazed.  There are no bones about it.


Earth Science

Fly Me to The Moon

Our natural satellite is covered in craters as large as 200 miles wide!  What determines the size of these craters?  Lets' create impact craters.  Is there a relationship between the height of the drop and the width of the crater?  For this mission we need marbles, flour, rulers and gravity.


Space Party

Build a model of the solar system that is out of this world!  Earth is really not that big after all.  Let's explore the size of the inner rocky planets and the gas giants by designing a clay solar system model to scale.  Let's take it further and build a scale model based on distance.  Be ready to take your imagination out of this world!


Lift Off!

Use rockets to explore the three Laws of Motion.  Create a simple pencil rocket to launch.  Then, take your understanding further and build your own rocket to launch into the sky using an air compressed rocket launcher. Beat the force of gravity.  3,2,1...Blast off!


Just Look Up!

If light pollution is in the way, DTSD can save the day!  Crawl into a starlab where the sky will come to you and your curiosity will be sparked about our place in the universe.  Bring some hot chocolate and Just look up!

Physical Science

Burrito Battery

Energy cannot be created or destroyed.  So let's use chemical energy and make a wrap that is electrifying!


Its Electric!

You can feel it, its electric! Let's use a Van de Graaf generator to experiment with static electricity.  We have to obey the laws of attraction.


It All Matters

Liquid Nitrogen demonstrations are used to explore the states of matter and phase change.  Boil, Freeze, Condense, Repeat!


Beans, Take Your Mark!

Beans, Beans they make you...think.  The more your drop, the more they sink.  But which bean falls first?  Let's investigate gravity, buoyancy and surface area as we race 8 different beans against each other.

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